Sustainable holds part of a circular economy


Committed to the environment, Ghold’s manufacturing process is at the heart of a circular economy.

Every year, around 7 million old holds are thrown away, impacting badly the environment. In response to this issue, our solution can produce holds from recycled materials and can recycle them again once they are too old to be used.

Once collected, holds will be sorted, crushed and reused in future generations of holds.

Recovery and reuse of recycled holds


The recovery, reuse and recycling of climbing holds is a necessity to reduce their environmental impact. A used and old hold is far from being a “waste” and its recycling becomes all the more important in anticipation of future European measures (the AGEC law and EPR), which proves the urgency of offering new and more sustainable models.

With this in mind, we are working with several retailers to offer by 2023 the recovery of used climbing holds, which will then be used to produce the next generations of recycled holds.

Ghold is therefore the alliance of a unique process and a highly technical recycled material, both following a logic of long-term sustainable development.

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