Circular production and recycling

At Ghold, we've chosen to integrate our production process into a circular economy. From production to recycling, discover our process!

recycling and circular production


To reduce their environmental impact, old climbing holds need to be recycled and integrated in a circular economy.

To facilitate recycling, Ghold offers free return for holds (up to 10 kg). Once received in our warehouse, the holds are sorted, crushed and reintegrated into production.

Return your holds


To make it easier to collect and recycle your holds, Ghold offers free return for holds produced with our 23 Carat by Ghold material (up to 10 kg).

The Ghold label affixed to each hold guarantees its quality and facilitates recycling. Old holds can then be cleaned, sorted and crushed before being integrated into the production of new holds.

1 - Return form

Contact us by email to receive your return form.

2 - Free return

Free shipping for parcels up to 10kg.

3 - Sorting and cleaning

Old holds are cleaned, sorted by color and grinded.

4 - Production

The grinded material is reintegrated into the production process, to create new climbing holds.

5 - Recycled climbing holds

New recycled holds are produced! They can be recycled up to 10 times.

6 - Thank you!

The carbon footprint is already reduced by two with the first recycling cycle.

How to return your old climbing holds? Contact us by e-mail to receive your return form.

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