Ghold is the first recyclable climbing holds manufacturer.

After 3 years of research, we are now producing for brands looking for a more sustainable production.



Gholds produces the first 100% recyclable climbing holds.

After several years of research, we have developed a technology and manufacturing process that enables us to produce recyclable holds on a large scale, for brands looking for a more sustainable option.

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INNOVATIVE technology


Our patented innovation combines a highly technical recyclable material with an industrial manufacturing process inspired by the automotive industry.

Ghold’s technology combines large-scale production and customization : a made-to-order production on an industrial scale, to meet the requirements of the climbing world.

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Quality first ! Our high-performance material guarantees excellent mechanical grip, a dry feel and a resistant grain, suitable for all holds.

After extensive testing, the holds produced by our technology have been put to the test by climbers of all levels and route setters all over Europe : “Ghold holds match the best PU holds on the market.”

Developed from a recyclable thermoplastic, the holds can be recycled up to 10 times: the carbon footprint is reduced by two with a single recycling cycle!

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With unique expertise, our team provides guidance and advice throughout the manufacturing process. Our unique know-how enables us to produce the first prototypes within a month, and to offer shape drilling and logo affixing.

The Ghold label affixed to each climbing hold guarantees excellent quality and facilitates end-of-life recycling.

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