and if we go back in time

Constantly evolving in recent years, a great enthusiasm for indoor climbing has arise. A craze that has brought many innovations in the field, whether in terms of wall structures, practices or holds.

Originally practiced outdoors, indoor climbing made its appearance in the 1980s with the opening of the first climbing gyms and the organization of international competitions. To meet the new needs of indoor climbing, first attempts at resin holds were made to recreate outdoor conditions. Made of wood, some were coated with resin and sand to improve the grip.

90’s : Techniques evolved as PU (polyurethane) and PE (polyester) holds first appeared. Shapes were sculpted from surf foam, dual-textured holds were invented and the trend of colored and highly visible holds started.

2000’s : The first big private climbing gyms opened (climbing gyms with a brasserie, with complementary activities…). As for holds, the material evolved (PU is preferred in the USA while PE is favored in Europe). The latter will gradually be replaced by PU. The biggest innovation of the 2000-2010’s is mainly found in the way holds are scuplted. Climbing holds started to become real works of art by their shapes (ergonomics, adapted grips…) and their colors.


First resin climbing holds


Shapes and colors !


First recyclable holds with Ghold

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